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Vines Wine Bar and Bistro      
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4pm - close Monday - Thursday, 3pm - close Friday - Sunday

Vines Wine Bar & Bistro

Gather with friends or just get away – enjoy this neighborhood Parker wine bar that celebrates the food, wine and culture of the wine country! 

Featuring a friendly, casual and comfortable setting, Vines is a destination for those looking for a great glass of wine and interesting conversation. Home to an extensive international wine list, Vines features handpicked wine selections from California, Italy, Spain, Australia, France, South America and more.

We have recently changed our menu, adding new tapas and expanding our dinner offerings. We invite you to settle in and enjoy!

We look forward to welcoming you!

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Many red wines have tannins; few white wines do, unless they have spent extensive time in oak. Tannins are compounds that provide structure and texture to a wine; they’re responsible for that astringent sensation you feel on the sides of your cheeks, much like when you drink a strong cup of tea.

Match the Wine to the Most Prominent Element in the Dish
Identify the dominant character; more often it is the sauce, gravy, or seasonings, rather than the main protein. 

Drink and Eat What You Like
If in doubt, choose a wine you want to drink by itself.  That way, even if the pairing isn’t perfect, you will still enjoy what you’re drinking after you’ve finished eating.

Look for Balance
The secret behind many classic wine-food matches. Consider the weight, body, or richness of the food and the wine. The wine and dish should be equal partners, neither overwhelming the other. Balance the two by weight and raise the odds that the pairing will suzcceed!  Enjoy!

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